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NETUREI KARTA message to our visitors

Our account was blocked on Facebook! Please read the letter below for details. In the meantime while we are getting this resolved, we invited you to follow us at https://www.facebook.com/netureikarta2021/ and please share it with as many of your friends possible.

RE: Neturei Karta International

Dear friends and admirers

We are turning to you to ask your advice and possibly your assistance, on how to have Facebook retract their recent ban on our FB account. We are a Jewish organization dedicated to spreading the basic fundamentals of Judaism, and authentic quotes from the Torah and famous rabbis on the subject of Zionism. Our goals are:

  1. To show that Judaism and Zionism are antithetical and contradictory.
  2. To show the world that Zionists are misinterpreting Judaism.
  3. To demonstrate that large numbers of Jews, both in the Holy Land and universally, are opposed to the existence of the State of Israel and its atrocities.Consequentially, Judaism and Jews should not be held responsible for the actions of the State of Israel.
  4. To express our solidarity with the Palestinian people, the victims of the Zionist movement.
  5. To reveal and broadcast to the world the extreme Zionist oppression of the anti-Zionist Jewish communities residing in the Holy Land.

For over 30 years we have been visiting different countries and cities, holding events on college campuses, and participating in joint events with pro-Palestinian groups. We have visited many countries, including Egypt and Lebanon etc.Also we visited the Gaza Strip, and our Jerusalem branch has made many solidarity visits to Ramallah and to individual Palestinian families.

The result has been an overwhelming improvement in Arab-Jewish relations. Arab and Muslim leaders and laymen all over the world now think and speak of Jews as cousins and fellow worshipers of the Almighty, rather than enemies. They clearlystate that their conflict is only with Zionism, its State and the occupation. This radical transformation, with the help of the Almighty, most certainly can be attributed to our activities.Those who oppose the State of Israel, now make clear that they have nothing against Jews in general. Of course, there are many Arabs, Muslims and others who always, even before hearing of us, understood to differentiate between Judaism and Zionism and did not implicate Jews with the actions ofthe State of Israel. But mostcertainly hatred towards Jews has beengreatly diminished as a direct result of the work of our organization.

We have received hundreds of letters from Arabs and Muslims thanking us and expressing their newfound admiration and love for the Jewish people.

In short, what we do is anything but hate speech. It is speech that brings people of different races and religions together, and undermines the foundations of hatred by setting the record straight on authentic Jewish belief and the Jewish people.

Yet Facebook says, “Neturei Karta International goes against our Community Standards on hate speech.” They go on to say: “We define hate speech as speech that attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin or caste, or religious affiliation.” We are obviously doing none of the above; on the contrary, we are reducing hate by clearing up misunderstandings.

We understand that there are those who disagree with us. We are not speaking for them, nor are we calling for violence against them. We are merely expressing a traditional view that is held by a large number of Jews. It would be ridiculous to claim that advocating a certain version of a religion is hate speech.

What makes this even more ridiculous and outrageous is that Zionismis actually promoting the continuation of a conflict and therebyclearlyexacerbating anti-Semitism, while we are promoting peace and building bridges. If anything, theZionists are the ones guilty of “hate speech.” Words lead to actions, and recent history shows that unfortunately, thousands upon thousands of Arab and Jewish lives have been lost directly as a result of the Zionist enterprise.

It is critical to note that anti-Zionism is in no way anti-Jewish or anti-religious. In fact, in the United Nations library [document number S-0613-02-03] there is a statement byRabbi Yosef TzviDushinski of blessed memory, chief rabbi and representative of the original Jewish community of Palestine, presented to the UN Special Committee on Palestinein July of 1947,in which he writes, “We furthermore wish to express our definiteopposition to a Jewish State in any part of Palestine.”Would it be just to label this prestigious Jewish leader as anti-Semitic?

History shows that prior to Zionism, Muslims and Jews, regardless of their distinctly different religions, lived for hundreds of years in harmony. This beautiful fabric has been destroyed as a direct result of the Zionist movement.

We can only conclude that some Zionists out there are afraid of our message. The truth hurts. They strive to achievea monopoly over the minds of the Jewish people, and a monopoly on speaking for Jews. They don’t want anyone to know that their movement is in contradiction with Judaism and that there are large numbers of Jews who dissent.

Facebook says they use either technology or a review team to decide what content to remove. We’re certain that in this case, it was technology, triggered by complaints by Zionists who don’t want our message out there. If a human review team looks over the facts, they will certainly see that we are promoting peace and understanding, not hate.

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