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Neturei Karta's Statement on the Current Zionist Slander

August 1, 2013 - New York City

With the help of the Almighty.
In light of the current accusations that a member of Neturei Karta spied on the State of Israel, we want to reassure the world that Neturei Karta is a non-violent, non-militant movement that never engages in spying or political maneuvering. It is a movement that is an open book for the world to see.  We go around the world with the goal of building bridges, removing hate, educating people and broadcasting to the world that the Zionist State of Israel has hijacked the identity of Judaism. Judaism means subservience to G-d and upholding the Torah.

Neturei Karta is not a political, national entity or movement like the State of Israel. We never call for violence or killing; Publicizing the facts about Judaism and Zionism is all we do. We have been an open book movement for over 80 years. The world knows it and the Zionist regime knows it. We don't think for a moment that the Zionists, with all their intelligence, have any misconceptions about what we do. We don't do anything subversive, or anything that is not open and public.

When the Zionists came to Palestine, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld ob"m, Rabbi Amram Blau ob"m and many other holy men of blessed memory stood up against them. Neturei Karta is continuing to spread their message in a non-violent manner. Rabbi Amram Blau always said that our power is in being hit, not in hitting. (He was most likely murdered by the Zionists.) 

Therefore, we are not going to dignify or respond to the slander of the Zionists against Neturei Karta. The claim that Neturei Karta spied on the State of Israel is ridiculous. Neturei Karta has no dealings with the State of Israel whatsoever.  Even when anti-Zionists demonstrate in New York across from the Israeli consulate, they don't appeal to the Zionists directly; they appeal publicly to the world to stop the Zionist state and its atrocities. We don't deal with heretics, murderers  and thieves.

We speak to the world because we want the world to see that we have no conflict with the Arab and Muslim world or their leaders, and that they have nothing against Judaism. We used to live together in peace, and it's only the Zionists who have the blood on their hands of all the Jews and non-Jews in this conflict from the beginning.

It's no surprise to us that the Zionists have resorted to spreading slander about Neturei Karta; we've expected this kind of slander for years. It's very possible that they are doing this with the specific intention of striking fear into the hearts of Jews so that they should stop speaking out against them. Zionism and the State of Israel is a lie, illegitimate and a rebellion against the AlMighty-Judaism and anti-Zionism is truth and the will of the AlMighty. Truth and the will of the AlMighty will never be silenced and with always prevail in the end.

We pray to the AlMighty that the Zionist terror against Jews and non-Jews should come to an end, and that the Zionist entity should be speedily and peacefully dismantled, so that there can be peace in the world again. Ultimately, we hope and pray for the day when the glory of the Almighty will be revealed throughout the universe, when His kingdom will be accepted by all, and all humanity will serve Him together in peace and harmony. Amen

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2 Aug 2013: New bulletin in regard to the Zionist slander

In regard to the incident of the young man from Jerusalem who was arrested and accused of espionage, after reviewing the facts of the case, it has become clear that the claim that the accused is a member of Neturei Karta is patently false. He does not participate in or support any Neturei Karta activities, nor does he attend any Neturei Karta synagogue. He does send his children to a Neturei Karta school, but that indicates nothing, since this school takes in many children from various homes. It is clear that the Zionists, for their convenience, have falsely labeled him as Neturei Karta.

Furthermore, everyone who knows him knows that he is an unstable individual. The Zionist state has fallen to new low, and found a way of attacking Neturei Karta by arresting an unfortunate, unbalanced young man with no ties to our group. With the help of the Almighty we will not be intimidated, and we will continue speaking up against the State of Israel. We hope and pray that the state will come to an end soon without any suffering for anyone.

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