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March 1981 - Adar II, 5741

A Cry for Help With bitter hearts and broken spirits we make known to the world, the terrible acts that were committed in Jerusalem on March 7, this past week. The police of the Zionist state made a cruel, horrible pogrom in the Toldos Aharon Synagogue. In the middle of religious services the police threw tear gas bombs into the synagogue, and prodded to beat mercilessly the people who were praying there, including old men and children. Then they desecrated and destroyed everything they could including many Holy books. This news was brought to us by eyewitnesses, respected rabbis who ware in the middle of the pogrom.

What Led to This?

Near the religious neighborhood of Jerusalem is the Ramot Road which leads to the place where the Mayor of Jerusalem plans to build a huge sports stadium in order to desecrate the Holy City and transform it from a center of Holiness into a center for sporting events, frivolity, and immodest behavior.

2) The road was intentionally built right next to the religious quarter in order to facilitate spiteful desecration of the Sabbath in front of the eyes of the inhabitants.

3) The religious inhabitants of Jerusalem stand by this rode every Sabbath and call out "Sabbath, Sabbath" in fulfillment of their religious duty, as they are commanded in the Bible. And every Sabbath the police come and beat them, shed their blood, and take them to jail, for announcing the word of the Creator that it is forbidden to desecrate the Sabbath, and especially in the Holy City,

4) Last week the Rabbinical Court of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Jerusalem, called upon the members of the community to come in large numbers and call out -Sabbath- by the road.

5) On the Sabbath, March 6, test week, many people answered the call and stood by the road peaceful calling out "Sabbath, Sabbath".

6) As usual the police fell upon them and beat them cruelly with their Abs until they broke the heads of many of the religious Jews who were there, and sent many to the hospital and others to jail for doing no more than calling out the words Sabbath, Sabbath."

7) One greatly respected Rabbi suffered broken bones.

8) That night (March 7) at the end of the Sabbath, about four hundred police N1 upon the Toldos Aharon Synagogue.

9) They broke the windows and threw tear gas bombs into the synagogue.

10) This took place in the middle of religious services that were being attended by about one thousand people, men, children and old men. (Toldos Aharon is one of the largest synagogues in Jerusalem).

11) Many man and small children fainted from the gas. The outcries, confusion, and fainting people many of the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

12) Then the police broke in the doors, and all four hundred police broke into the synagogue, with heavy clubs in their hands, and began beating everyone with murderous blows. They had no mercy on the elderly or the children. They broke open heads and broke people's bones. Blood flowed like water, and many people passed out from the blows with broken arms and legs.

13) The police destroyed many Holy books and religious objects. They tried to break into the Holy Ark where the Torah Scrolls are kept, but it was securely locked, and they failed.

14) Who has ever-heard of such acts being done by anyone but the Nazis?

15) These people who call themselves "Israel" desecrate the Jewish faith more then any other faith in the world. Even in the Six Day War, they held themselves back from destroying the houses of worship of other peoples.

16) In our days we have never heard of such things being done by any nation or people. – Entering a Holy place, in the middle of religious services, and behaving with such wondrously cruel violence.- This is just one example of the boundless Anti-Semitism that is so deeply rooted in the Zionists.

17) People passing out from gas bombs and beatings. Some are hospitalized, some are still m comas.

18) It is not known if four of them, who are in critical condition, will live.

19) They tried to capture the Grand Rabbi of Toldos Aharon, but he was able to escape.

20) Then they arrested thirty-six people including several thirteen year old boys, and put them in a ' prison reserved for the most hardened criminals.

21) Some of those arrested, the police first dragged down several flights of stairs (fifty steps) by | their feet fracturing their skulls and breaking limbs, and then took them off to jail without even first-aid.

22) Later that night, the police broke into the synagogue again and destroyed everything that remained, leaving all in total ruins. They then l arrested four more people.

23) They have not allowed anyone to bring any of the people who were arrested Kosher food. They are given only forbidden food. All of the people who were arrested, even those with serious injuries are fasting, because they are not allowed to have any Kosher food.

24) A boy tried to get some Kosher food in to the prisoners, and they arrested him too.

25) One of the prisoners, who is an American citizen, was freed after a great deal of effort on the part of the American State Department. Even though he had a broken arm it took two days before the State Department could get the Zionists to allow him to be taken to a hospital.

26) The rest are still languishing in jail, suffering from hunger and wounds, without medical I attention.

27) They are denied religious objects (Tefillin) that they need for religious observances.

28) The houses surrounding the synagogue were also filled with tear gas, and there are reports that gas bombs were thrown into them.

29) In the synagogue everything is broken; windows, doors, and tables. The curtain of the Holy Ark is torn m pieces. The Holy books are torn in pieces. Mothers cry over their sons, languishing in prison, suffering from cruel wounds. Just as in the days of the Nazis.

30) Those who did not see this cruelty and destruction with their own eyes cannot imagine what it was like. The elderly, who experienced the Nazi atrocities, say this caused them to remember the deeds of the Nazis.

31) Who could imagine that those who call themselves ^Israel" could be guilty of such cruelty, which has been unheard of except in the days of the Nazis.

32) They also broke into the private quarters of the Grand Rabbi of Toldos Aharon, destroyed the furniture, and stole everything they could take of any value.

33) The day after the Sabbath (March 8) the Rabbinical Court convened a public prayer gathering at the ruins of the Toldos Aharon Synagogue. Thousands of people gathered there to pray and to cry.

34) The entire religious Jewish community of Jerusalem and the Holy Land are aghast and broken from this latest atrocity and from the past twenty-five years of religious persecution at the hands of the mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek.

35) The religious Jews of Jerusalem stretch out their hands for help, they have nobody to turn to and nobody to cry out to but the Creator. But it is our duty to do what we can to help them. I 36) The Grand Rabbi of Toldos Aharon remembers all the religious persecution and atrocities at the hands of the Zionists over the past forty years, but he cries and says that this Is the worst pogrom the Zionists have ever made.

37) We cry out to our fellow Jews and to all decent human beings everywhere. How can anyone stand idly by, while such atrocities are being perpetrated against defenseless human beings. Let there by heard a loud and bitter outcry from every decent human being against these inhuman atrocities.

38) The Zionist government is doing everything in US power to cover up what they did. They are filling the newspapers and other media with lies. They are trying to make it look as if these poor unfortunate people attacked their police.

39) The Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kolek, stated publicly a few years ago that he wants to burn down the religious quarters of Jerusalem and break the bones of its inhabitants. And now he publicly praises the police who performed these atrocities and thanks them for their deeds.

40) This pogrom was not prompted by sudden anger or a desire to revenge. This is part of an old plan that they wrote about years ago to destroy the religious community m the Holy Land. And now, it appears, Teddy Kollek has decided that the time is ripe to carry it out.

41) We appeal to all decent people everywhere to do what they can to bring an end to these atrocities, and free the poor unfortunate victims, who are now languishing in prison.



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