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The Traditional Jewish Approach

Welcome! President Ahmadinejad

The Traditional Jewish Approach
September 20, 2006

Neturei Karta International, a world wide organization of Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism has officially extended her hand, together with many believing Jews, to the Iranian President Ahmadinejad, upon his historic visit to the United States. The respectful display of friendship brings peace, harmony, respect and trust. It is the sincere hope of Torah true Jews, with the help of the Almighty, that this expression of peace will counter the provocations of the Zionist organizations. The motes operandi of Zionism and its organizations, is the cause of animosity and mistrust, which can only bring catastrophic results, endangering Jews and non-Jews alike, in Palestine, the U.S.A. and around the world.

Despite media and Zionist hysteria to the contrary, the Iranian President has always been a dear friend of the Jewish people and has profound respect for the Jewish religion.

Unfortunately, many people have been led to believe that a rejection of Zionism equals a dislike of Judaism and Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth. Zionism denies many basic beliefs of the Jewish faith and has endangered Jews with its aggressions towards Palestinians and others. By proclaiming that Judaism and Zionism have nothing in common, the Iranian President has actually helped lessen anti-Jewish sentiments throughout the Islamic world. This is in keeping with his policy towards the Jews of Iran who have enjoyed his respect and protection as well as that of the Iranian people in general over the years. This is an undeniable fact and one that our group's Rabbinic leaders have repeatedly witnessed on their many trips to Iran.

The President's desire to see Palestine returned to the Palestinian people is far from being a call to harm Jews and is actually the real Torah based formula for peace in the Middle East. Surely, the Zionist solution of endless war has failed miserably. Isn't it time we began to give serious consideration to the reasoned words of the President? His view is not only logically compelling, but it also coincides with the universal view of Torah teachers of the previous generation, namely, that the state of "Israel" violates our faith and is a recipe for disaster for all concerned.

Anti-Zionist, Orthodox Jews, will be staging a counter protest outside the United Nations, in order to refute the cruel lies being offered in place of facts, by some misguided organizations, in the Jewish community. Likewise, it will help to reaffirm the respect of the Jewish people for President Ahmadinejad and the mutual good feelings which they share.

The Torah abiding Jewish people sincerely hope, that this and similar actions will bring world peace – from the U.S.A. to Palestine and from New York to Tehran. Amen.

Place: Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza on Second Avenue and 47th Street in Manhattan
Date: September 20th - Time: 12:30 noon


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