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"the barrier wall"

Newsletter issued by neturei karta

18 Feb 2004

Orthodox Jewish Rabbis from around the world are scheduled to arrive at The Hague to once again stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. They will be participating, with G-d's help, in public and private events taking place at The Hague during the international court, in order to declare their opposition to the apartheid wall being built in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Torah prohibition to have a Jewish State is very clear. G-d sent the Jewish nation into exile and expressly forbade them from attempting to leave this divinely decreed exile by creating their own entity, to establish a State. Only G-d himself without any human intervention will ultimately end this exile at which time all the nations together will recognize the One G-d and together serve Him in harmony.

The Torah prohibition against oppressing a people, the Palestinian people, stealing their land etc. is also clearly written in the Torah. The above truths were upheld universally by the vast majority of Jewish leaders and Rabbinical authorities including the Jewish leadership in Palestine.

The idea of creating a wall to protect against the reactions of a frustrated, subjugated people is ludicrous and borders on insanity. It is the most elementary truism of psychology that the more you stifle the emotions of an oppressed people, the greater the revolt will be. But our purpose here is to convey the Torah truth that this apartheid wall is only another notch carved on the list of transgressions of G-D's oaths of exile, G-d's commandment of "thou shall not steal" etc. and G-d's requirement of compassion for one’s fellow human being. The apartheid wall takes the oppression of the Palestinian people one giant step further. How we mourn the pain, sorrow and endless rivers of bloodshed that has befallen the Arabs and Jews due to the existence of the State of Israel and its actions. It is so painful to see the animosity created between Arab and Jew, cousins who have co-existed in harmony for so long. Through their actions, the Zionists continue to create wholesale, universal anti-Semitism – an ingredient that has been Zionism's main staple for growth and success.

May it be G-d's will to speedily and peacefully bring an end to the State of Israel, so that Arab and Jew can once again live together in peace and harmony, and may G-d's glory reign over the entire universe, Amen.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

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