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open letter to H.E. Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt
of Denmark,
President Hollande of France
and to European Jewry

FEbruary 16, 2015

Demonstration in Denmark



An open letter to H.E. Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt of Denmark, President Hollande of France and to European Jewry

Response by Anti-Zionist Orthodox Rabbis to recent statements of Israel PM to the Jews of Europe

February 16, 2015

With the help of the Almighty,

To Your Excellencies and to our esteemed Jewish brethren, may the Almighty protect and bless you all.

After the recent tragic events in France and Denmark, the Israeli Prime Minister has called for "massive immigration" of European Jews to Israel.

Once again the Israeli PM presented himself and his state as the guardians and saviors of World Jewry. Of course, as always he professes himself and his State as if they speak in the name of World Jewry including in the Holy Land.

The Zionists pride themselves on saving Jews while in fact they are the greatest danger for Jews and by far the greatest cause of the exacerbation of anti-Semitism worldwide.

The Zionist project of settling in the Palestinian's land is the cause of the deep-rooted hate, bloodshed and suffering of non-Jews and Jews alike. This horror is taking place in a land where Jews have historically, until the advent of Zionism, lived in peace and harmony with their non-Jewish neighbors, both Muslim and Christian.

The recent vile and arrogant public statements by the Israeli PM are calculated to bring masses of Jewish immigrants to his state thereby further aggrieving the Palestinians expeditiously and exacerbating anti-Semitism worldwide.

But the Jewish people around the world, with the help of the Almighty, will continue to uphold the guidelines of the Torah and true Rabbis, and they will continue to live peacefully alongside their neighbors in all the countries where they live, under the protection of their governments, for which the Jewish people are extremely thankful.

True Jews around the world wish to publicize, according to the fundamentals of our holy Torah and our holy faith, which we have received by tradition, untainted, from previous generations:

  1. The State of Israel is not a Jewish state, only a Zionist state. The Zionist concept of self-determination and creating a so-called Jewish sovereignty, in whatever shape or form, regardless in an inhabited or uninhabited land, whether in a secular form or a Torah-observant form, is completely against the Jewish faith and Torah. In our present state of the Almighty's decreed exile, it is forbidden for us to rise up and build ourselves, until the Almighty Himself redeems us without any help from anyone else, and without our own power. Furthermore, to steal another's land or to kill and oppress a people is clearly a blatant transgression of the Almighty's Torah.
  2. All that has resulted from the Zionist philosophy, as well as everything done or spoken by representatives of their state, have nothing whatsoever to do with the true Jews living around the world.
  3. When the Zionist philosophy first appeared in the world, all of our Rabbis opposed and fought against it, and expelled it from the Jewish community. The Rabbis said that this philosophy constituted fundamental heresy, and that only tragedies, bloodshed and an increase in anti-Semitism would come in its wake, may the Almighty spare us. Their words have come true during all the years that Zionism has existed, may the Almighty's compassion protect us.
  4. Therefore, the leaders of the heretics have no right to speak in the name of Jews or in the name of "Israel". They are not rescuers; they are the ones who start fires, and they create and cause tragedies. All their declarations and actions have always been solely their own. They have no connection whatsoever with the Jewish people around the world including in the Holy Land. 


We pray for the end of the ideology of Zionism and the speedy, peaceful and total dismantlement of its creation, the Zionist State of Israel.

We pray for the day when the Almighty will reveal His glory throughout the world, and all humankind will join in serving Him in peace and brotherhood. Amen.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, New York

Rabbi Meir Hirsh, Jerusalem

Rabbi Eliezer Hochhauser, London

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