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United Nations International Conference
in support of "israeli-Palestinian" peace
Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium - August 2007

The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People convened the United Nations International Conference of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace at the European Parliament premises in Brussels on 30 and 31 August 2007. Its theme was "Civil society and parliamentarians working together for peace in the Middle East".

A number of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews attended the Conference. They demonstrated near the European Parliament building to express support for the meeting and sympathy with the Palestinians. 'Judaism condemns the state of Israel and its atrocities," read one of their banners.

The following statement was issued by Neturei Karta:

(En Francaise)

Declaration from Neturei Karta on behalf
of Torah true Jews

to the Palestinian People and the Arab and Muslim world

Orthodox Jews will demonstrate near the European Parliament Building in Brussels, Belgium to expose their opinion regarding the United Nations International Conference of Civil Society.
Thursday 30 August - Friday 31 August '07 from 9.00 am to 10.00 am, at the Sq. Place Jean Rey, (at Rue Belliard Crossroad) 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Neturei Karta is the group name of those Orthodox Jews who are prepared to express openly their religious opposition to Zionism and their sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinian cause in their struggle against the Zionist oppression.
As part of their expression of support for the Palestinian cause, representatives of Neturei Karta take part in events, which draw attention to the Palestinian struggle, whenever and wherever they can.

Torah true Jewry congratulates the United Nations International Conference of Civil Society and their hosts, the European Parliament, on their efforts in promoting peace in Palestine.

Our approach, however, differs from theirs in that they aim for an 'Israeli-Palestinian Peace'. This is a contradiction in terms. The root cause of strife in Palestine is the very existence of the illegitimate Zionist State of 'Israel' that has caused untold suffering to both Jews and Arabs for decades. There cannot and will not be peace in Palestine until the total (but, we pray, peaceful) dismantling and dissolution of the Zionist State .
It is a fact that untainted Orthodox Judaism is incompatible with and totally opposes the philosophy known as Zionism. It condemns Zionism both on the grounds of religious belief and on the grounds of the religious requirement to be compassionate and humanitarian to all mankind.

Our Torah teaches us that the Jewish People were sent into exile from the Holy Land by virtue of a Divine Decree because we did not maintain the standards expected of us, and we are totally forbidden to use any force of arms against any people in order to obtain political power. To do so would be a rebellion against the Divine Will. Thus, the Zionist movement and the so-called "State of Israel" are in total disobedience of the fundamentals of our religious faith.

Added to the above is the Jewish religious humanitarian requirement to treat all individuals and peoples with compassion and consideration. To forcefully deprive a people of their homes and country is totally contrary to this requirement.

It follows therefore that it is the Palestinians, the indigenous population of Palestine, who have the right to rule in Palestine today according to the Torah and Jewish faith. The Palestinian Arab claim to rule in Palestine is right and just. The Zionist illegitimate claim is illegal and what is more must inevitably be based on loss of life and deprivation of property as we are sadly witnessing to this day.

Every Jew who is faithful to authentic Judaism knows that Zionism is a heretic and cruel philosophy. A festering sore that has caused untold suffering to both Jews and Arabs for decades with a continuing chain of tragic events for over more than a century.
Furthermore, the Zionists have made themselves to appear as the representatives and spokespeople of all Jews thus, with their actions, arousing animosity against the Jews. But, their claim is simply not true and one has to be clear that Zionism is not Judaism. Zionists cannot speak in the name of Jews.
Finally, we stress that the connection between Arab and Jew goes right back into ancient history. Mostly the relationship was friendly and mutually beneficial. Historically, the situation frequently was that when Jews were being persecuted  in Europe they found refuge in the various Arab and Muslim countries. Our attitude to Muslims and Arabs can therefore only be one of friendliness and respect.

The continuing existence of the Zionist State is the underlying cause of the strife in Palestine and of much of the strife further afield. Let us not forget the solution, and the only solution, which is a total de-Zionization of the Holy Land. We know that peace can only be restored in historic Palestine when the Palestinian People obtain their full rights in their native land of Palestine.

So many people ignore the root cause of the hate that has spread and engulfed Palestine, the Middle East and indeed the globe today. Governments of the world should realise that supporting Zionists and Zionism is not helping Jews or Judaism but only perpetuates the tragic impasse and constant bloodshed in the Middle East.

We await the annulment of Zionism and the peaceful dismantling of the Zionist regime, and would welcome the opportunity to dwell in peace in the holy land under a rule which is entirely in accordance with the wishes of the Palestinian People.

We pray for a peaceful solution to the terrible and tragic impasse that exists. Possibly based on results brought about by moral, political and economic pressures imposed by the nations of the world.

May we soon merit the time when the whole world will be at peace with each other and the Heavenly glory will be revealed. Omein

Orthodox Jews will gather near the European Parliament Building in Brussels to publicise all the above. Details as follows:

Date: Thursday 30 August - Friday 31 August '07
Time: 9.00 am - 10.00 am
Place: Sq. Place Jean Rey, (at Rue Belliard Crossroad) 1040 Brussels, Belgium

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