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An Open Letter

To the Esteemed Leaders of the Palestinian National Government:

Asalaam Aleickeim

With thanks to the Almighty we extend our blessings and well wishes towards your newly formed national unity government.

This is an important initial step towards the goal of securing full sovereignty for your people in their ancestral homeland. As Jews committed to the teachings of the Torah, and particularly its exhortations to treat all men with justice and kindness, we support all steps which bring you closer to the realization of this goal.

Despite the media blackout and the propaganda of Zionism, we recall, with fondness, as we are sure you do as well, when our peoples dwelt together in Palestine in years gone by. Although this harmonious relation has been severely harmed by Zionism, there are many Jews in the Holy Land and around the world who yearn for a return to the old days of peace and true mutual respect.

It is our hope and prayer to the Almighty that the future will witness a peaceful dismantling of the Zionist state and establishment of one unitary Palestinian state where all its citizens, Arab and Jew, will walk the streets in safety and brotherhood. AMEN.


Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss


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The Palestinian Issue

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