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Speech by rabbi yisroel d weiss
14 april 2004
washington dc demonstration during visit of arial sharon to president bush

At this time our final speaker is going to be Rabbi Weiss and he is going to come forward and give us his words.

Rabbi Weiss:
Thank you. I appreciate it.

With God’s help I pray to God to put the words of truth in my mouth that I should be able to convey His message to the media that the word can get out to the world, the true words of Judaism, the true representation of Judaism of the Jewish people.

As people know, Judaism is a religion; it is not a political movement. Judaism is the belief in God and Judaism is the following of the Torah, without straying from the words of the Torah one iota. We are the followers of Judaism. We are following the tradition and the laws of the Torah for thousands of years and we refuse to stray from what God has given us; From God’s holy word; we refuse to stray from the Torah; When God sent the Jewish nation into exile 2000 years ago we accepted this lovingly from God and when God told us that we are forbidden to try to return and make our own entity, to form our own state, we accepted God’s decree and we are waiting patiently for the day when ultimately God Himself without any human intervention will end this exilic period and all of the nations of world together will go up and serve God in harmony and peace. This is what we are waiting for and until that day we refuse to go along with this movement called Zionism. We refuse to go along with people who are rebelling against God, people who are misrepresenting God and his Torah.

Zionism, formed 100 years ago is a movement of heretics, people who refuse to accept God’s word, who refuse to put God in the equation of what happens on this world. They said we were sent out of Israel because of our physical weakness. This is false. This is rebellion against God. They said they want to form a state and they will be able to protect themselves from God’s wrath. This is false. We believe that nobody can punish a human being, nobody can do any harm to a fellow human being and nobody can do any good to a fellow human being if it is not the will of God. We cannot return and make our own state if God doesn’t want it from us. We cannot protect ourselves if God, god forbid, wants us to be punished. To claim that we were sent out of the land of Israel because of our physical inequity, because of our physical weakness, and the solution is to make your own military, to make your own state is blasphemous. That is exactly what Zionism is.

The dictionary could put the translation of the word Zionism as “blasphemy”. That is the only true translation of the word “Zionism” and the “state of Israel.” And everything that emanates from this blasphemous movement, for instance, the subjugation and oppression of a nation, the subjugation and oppression of the Palestinian people, is against God…totally against God…totally against the teachings of the Torah and we stand in diametric opposition to this. We refuse to let those Zionists represent us. We refuse to accept that Sharon can come to the White House and claim to be speaking in the name of the Jewish people. That is treachery. That is false. He does not speak in the name of the Jewish people. Let the world know that Sharon is conning you. That Sharon is fooling you. He does not represent the words of the Torah. He waves the Bible to legitimize the state of Israel and that is false! Look in the Torah, look in the Talmud, and look at the documents of the rabbinical authorities when Zionism was formed. At the time of its inception all rabbinical authorities were in opposition.

Our hearts pain, our hearts suffer when we see what is being done to the Palestinian people, we are humiliated by what is being done by Zionists. Why must it be done in the name of Judaism? Why, when we have been living together with the Palestinian people and with the arab people for hundreds of years must we be blamed for the actions of Zionists? That’s wrong! So we are here to let the world know: Jewish people are required by God, when he sent us into exile, to be loyal citizens in every country where we reside. We Jews accepted this from God. When we reside in Canada we are loyal Canadian citizens. When we reside in Iran, we are Iranian citizens and we are loyal to Iran. When we are residing in the United State of America, the Jewish Nation is loyal United States citizens. This what God requires of us as a nation and we accept it lovingly. And therefore we are asking President Bush and we are asking the people of the United States of America, let them know that it is not having compassion for the Jewish people by supporting the state of Israel, that’s wrong. It’s against God, it’s against the Torah, and it’s against what the Jewish people need and what the Jewish people want. Look in the Torah, study a little bit, see what it says in the Talmud, see what the rabbinical authorities said. The Jewish people are forbidden to have a state. And not only is it against the Torah it is called “anti-Semitism”. Zionism and the state of Israel is the greatest factory of Anti-Semitism since the world was created. Zionism has created anti-Semitism in Europe. Today we see that it just keeps on growing and growing. Anti-Semitism grows and nobody wants to admit it’s clearly because of Zionism. And therefore when the American good-hearted people want to have compassion on the Jews, they say, “they’ve suffered by Hitler, let them have a state”, they are misguided, they are mislead by the powerful propaganda of Zionism and the state of Israel, by the rich PR system of the Zionists. You are not helping the Jews. You are only causing more anti-Semitism.

Please, we plead with President Bush, “listen to the voice of True Judaism. You want to help Judaism, you want to help world peace, you want to help the Palestinian people, let us come to what the proper solution is: the dismantlement of the state of Israel, the peaceful speedy dismantlement, the transformation of the state of Israel to a Palestinian state with representation of the indigenous people, self rule of the Palestinian people over the whole entire Holy Land. Then we can once again live in peace and harmony as we have been doing for hundreds of years. God willing, let’s all pray for this. That God should help for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the state of Israel so we can once again live in brotherhood and serve the one God in peace and harmony. Amen.


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