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Orthodox Jewish Attitude to the ’Holocaust’

Delegation to Auschwitz
27 Jan 2014

Speech by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, is of a son of an Holocaust survivor, His grandparents and many relatives were killed in Auschwitz and the majority of other relatives were killed during the Holocaust. His father escaped Hungary in the nick of time. Rabbi Weiss is an international spokesperson for Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, who is well known for his tremendous work he is doing in exploring the illegitimacy of Zionism according to Jewish religion, as well as building bridges between the Jewish and Muslim communities.

With the help of the Almighty. I pray to the Almighty to bestow on me His wisdom and His truth, so that I may be worthy of conveying His message to this important conference, to achieve peace and sanctify His name.

My name is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. My grandparents and many other relatives were killed in Auschwitz and the rest of my relatives were killed during the Holocaust. My father escaped Hungary in the nick of time.

As we speak, more than half of the Zionist government is meeting in Auschwitz to use the memory of the Holocaust for their political purposes. They want to justify their "solution" to the problem of anti-Semitism - that Jews should fight for themselves, that Jews should have an independent state and an army.

But the history of the past 60 years teaches us that their "solution" just leads to more bloodshed. Because in building their state, they oppressed, expelled and killed the local population of Palestinians. And regarding their claim that anti-Semitism in Europe is now at its highest level since the end of World War II, one most realize that even if this claim is true, the increase is almost all a direct result of the Middle East conflict caused by the same Zionists who say they are combating anti-Semitism.

From time to time, the world gets angry over the Zionists' crimes. But no matter how much the world tries to reach a peaceful solution, they never succeed. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is considered one of the world's major problems.

But from the viewpoint of religious Jews, this conflict is a much deeper problem. It is not only a tragedy in terms of loss of life; it is also an uprooting of the foundations of the Jewish faith. It represents a change in the entire Jewish approach to the world.

The Jewish people is and always has been guided by the Jewish religion, the Torah. Throughout the centuries, and today as well, religious Jews were characterized by their steadfast clinging to their beliefs and the Torah. Rivers of blood have been spilled by Jews refusing to abandon their G-d and their Torah.

Zionism destroys Judaism in two ways:
1) It has always been an irreligious movement, throwing away the Torah's commandments and belief system.
2) The very idea of arising from exile on our own represents a departure from our beliefs. During all the centuries since the destruction of the Temple, Jews accepted the yoke of exile, believing that it was a Heavenly decree. Jews are forbidden to create a sovereign state of their own. They await only a redemption brought by G-d, without any human intervention. The redemption meant to them a time when the glory of G-d will be revealed to the entire world. G-d will change the minds of all people to accept His kingship. It will be a time of righteousness and justice, as the Bible says (Psalms 98:9), "He will judge the earth with righteousness, and the nations with fairness."

Now, the Zionists are using the suffering of the Jews who died in the Holocaust because of their religion, who sanctified the name of the Almighty - to rebel against G-d. We cry out: Gevalt!

Zionists pride themselves on fighting wars and risking their lives for their country. But the heretical ideology of Zionism is not worth giving up one's life for - on the contrary, one must give one's life to uphold the Jewish faith and not deny even one of its principles.

The Zionists say, "Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." But we say, "Better to live on our knees" - because that's what G-d wants for the Jews in exile. That is better than dying on our feet in service of the Zionist cause, because that is a rebellion against G-d and a destruction of our faith.

And may I add: the Almighty clearly warned the Jewish people, through a prophecy of King Solomon, that if we attempt to leave exile, return in large numbers to the Holy Land, or rebel against the nations, it will lead to a catastrophe and we will be hunted like animals - may the Almighty spare us. So even without the hate and danger incurred by oppressing the Palestinian people and by occupying their land - the State of Israel is incurring the wrath of the Almighty by its mere existence. Not only will it not save the Jews, but it puts us all in terrible danger with its rebellion against the Almighty, as one clearly sees to date.

In light of all of the above, the difference between Judaism and Zionism is clear. Some may try to synthesize the two into so-called "religious Zionism," but the two are incompatible.

Jews are forbidden to have a state such as the State of Israel, regardless of what form it takes and how religious it seems to be. The Torah forbids a state even if it does not affect any other people, such as the Palestinian people. That this state was built by occupying the land of the Palestinians only compounds its criminality and illegitimacy.

Judaism teaches that G-d sent us into exile and only He can redeem us; Zionism teaches that we can emancipate ourselves and create a state.

Judaism teaches submissiveness in exile, kindness and fairness to the non-Jewish nations; Zionism teaches that we must fight against them and make demands.

The Zionists want the world to believe that they represent the Jewish people. They accuse anyone who criticizes them of anti-Semitism. And by thinking that all Jews are Zionists, those who oppose Zionists sometimes do come to hate all Jews by extension. Thus Zionists brings trouble upon Jews and then present themselves as the saviors of the Jewish people.

The world must know that that is a lie! True religious Jews are opposed to Zionism, its State of Israel, and deplore their actions. Precisely because we experienced the Holocaust, we must learn tolerance and respect for others - not use our suffering as an excuse to oppress others as the Zionists do.

In conclusion, we firmly believe, and our 2000 years of surviving in exile proves, that following the path of the Torah is the best way to prevent future anti-Semitism. 

In the merit of those who perished in the Holocaust to sanctify His Name, may the Almighty speedily redeem us from this long exile and usher in the time when all humanity will serve the Almighty together in harmony and joy, amen.


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