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Orthodox Jewish Attitude to the ’Holocaust’

Delegation to Auschwitz
27 Jan 2014

Speech by Rabbi Dovid Feldman

Rabbi Dovid Feldman is a spokesman for Neturei Karta International and organizer of anti-Zionist events, lectures and public demonstrations, to publicize and educate the evil of Zionism and its misrepresentation of Judaism. Rabbi Feldman participates in national and international conferences.

We have come together here on the day when Auschwitz was liberated. As the Zionists hold their memorial ceremony on the grounds of the infamous camp, let us take a few moments to think about the true meaning of the Holocaust on the one hand, and what the Zionists are doing on the other hand.

We Orthodox Jews, Holocaust survivors or children of Holocaust victims, certainly remember the murder of the holy martyrs and the suffering of the broken survivors. We continue to relay these stories to our children, and we remember the martyrs in our prayers.

But when we remember the Holocaust, we are reminded of the words of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not kill." We are reminded of the meaning of oppression and how it feels to be oppressed. The Holocaust serves as a lesson for us not to oppress others.

And that is why it is so painful to see how there are some people who make a business out of the tragedy, using it to justify their crimes against Judaism and their injustices against human beings. That is certainly a desecration of the memory of the holy victims.

Zionist propaganda uses the Holocaust as a justification for their state and all their atrocities, and to silence every voice of opposition to whatever they do by crying out, "Anti-Semitism!"

But the truth must be told: Aside from the fact that according to our faith we are in exile and are therefore forbidden to establish our own state, what the Zionists have done in Palestine is a crime against the indigenous people - the Palestinians – it is a crime against G-d, and a catastrophe for all involved.

Moreover, it is unfair to demand that the Palestinians – who were friendly to Jews before Zionism arrived on the scene – should pay the price for crimes that other people committed against us.

The Zionists say that they will protect us from a future Holocaust. But what they do only creates more problems, not only for the Palestinians, but also for all Jews.

In fact, they actually want to create problems for Jews. Because their approach has always been that anti-Semitism and the murder of Jews are beneficial for their political goals. They want there to be anti-Semitism in the world, they want Jews to suffer, so that they can benefit politically.  They gain the sympathy of the world, and more Jews, fleeing anti-Semitism, immigrate to their state.

The fact is that during WWII, the Zionists passed up many opportunities to save Jews, and they even stood in the way of other groups who wanted to rescue Jews, with the goal that there should be as many Jewish casualties as possible, as we have documented in this booklet here. (Display booklet)

They say that they need a state because of the Holocaust, but the truth is the other way around: in order to get a state, they needed a Holocaust.

They say we should learn from the survivors what caused the Holocaust and how to prevent another one in the future. But from the writings of Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl, who was one of the most famous rescue activists during the War, we learn that the Zionist heretic anti-Torah policies of fighting back and standing up for our rights made the Holocaust a much bigger tragedy than it might have been otherwise. And actually, the Rabbinical authorities, almost in its entirety, opposed to the Zionist movement since its beginning, they said that it is forbidden according to the Torah and would only bring misfortune upon Jews.

The Jewish Torah approach is to bend our heads in submission, not to make demands or provoke others. If Jews during the Holocaust had followed the Torah approach, it could have mostly avoided the terrible murders that took place during the Holocaust, as the Nazi cabinet minister Ribbentrop said (quoted in this booklet). Following the Torah approach is also the way to prevent a second Holocaust, and that is the true solution to the current increase in anti-Semitism.

This is one of the reasons why we hope and pray for a peaceful end to the Zionist heretical state and its destructive policies.

As Jews faithful to the Torah, we proclaim:
The Torah forbids Jews to have a state, no matter for what reason

The murder and theft committed against the Palestinians is a sin against the Torah.

The Zionists' use of the Holocaust for their political purposes is an insult to the memories of the victims, most of whom were not Zionists, and whom the Zionists abandoned during the Holocaust.

As survivors and children of survivors, our hope is that the memory of the Holocaust and its true moral lessons should remain with us for all generations. Let us strive for peace and mercy for us and others.

We pray for the complete redemption, when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Almighty, and all people who suffered in the past will live together peacefully – including the Jews and the Arabs - in the Holy Land and in the rest of the world.

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