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WE Cry Out AGainst Zionism

This Talk was delivered in Yiddish by Rabbi Moishe Beck and translated to English
at a demonstration in Montreal on July 17, 2007

  • We have come out into the streets of the city to cry out and demonstrate against Zionism and its State known as "Israel".
  • A State which inflicts with cruelty and murderousness, harsh suffering, death blows and undeserved imprisonment on men who wish to strengthen the observance of the Holy Torah within their own camp and who request by means of placards that the holiness of their surroundings should not be defiled by women dressing immodestly.
  • This state of affairs is currently taking place in Jerusalem and the township of Bais Shemesh.
  • Zionism and its 'State' has been a tragedy from its inception right up to the present day. It has been in existence now for more than a century, in a land which does not belong to them. They have oppressed the inhabitants of the land both Jewish and Palestinian who had been living together peacefully for thousands of years prior to the theft of their land and homes. The Zionists have treated the indigenous population as if they were so much dirt underfoot and as if they did not exist, thereby inciting a terrible hatred which burns right up to the present day.
  • The very rising up from a state of exile plus the theft and murder is forbidden to the Jewish People as a basic part of their Religious Belief and Torah. From its inception up till today the aim of the Zionists and Zionism has been to deny the Jewish Belief and Torah and to uproot it from the Jewish masses who fall into their hands, by means of murder, wickedness and an audacity the likes of which is unheard of. All this in the name of Israel, a name which they have stolen and usurped.
  • They survive by the crushing and affliction of all around them.
  • Most recently they have taken to removing, with a fearsome harshness and insolence, any announcement placards situated in the streets occupied by the orthodox groups, which ‘request’ observance of modesty in dress. They harass with cruelty those who stand and publicly request modesty in their own neighbourhood. Their actions are accompanied by deadly blows, bone breakages and unwarranted imprisonment.
  • Since the earliest origins of the Zionist philosophy to raise Israel from its Exile, all the Rabbinical Authorities pronounced vehemently that this idea is absolutely forbidden according to the Jewish Belief and Torah and that this philosophy will only result in suffering and bloodshed to Jews and non-Jews alike, its aim being the entire uprooting of the Jewish faith and Torah. Their words are being fulfilled in front of our eyes as the years pass.
  • Authentic Jews who have no attachment to Zionism and its deeds cry out to the world at large ‘We wish to make known our sorrow to one and all – let everyone listen – we participate in the suffering of our brothers who live there (in the Zionist State), who find themselves under oppression and anguish for the sake of observing their Judaism’. We shout out to the Zionists 'Murderers! Oppressor'. The world should know that the whole Zionist idea is something apart from the Jewish People and that true Jews have no connection with it whatsoever.
  • Only those who uphold the Jewish Faith and Torah have the right to the names Jew or Israel. Those who have excluded themselves from this have lost the right to these names. Therefore the Zionists are not Israel. The authentic People of Israel have remained in Exile for thousands of years and await the revelation of the glory that is assured by the Torah and True Prophets. At that time will be fulfilled the prophecy ‘Every object will fear you and every creature will prostrate itself before you and all will become one community to carry out your will with entire hearts and all will accept upon themselves the yoke of your kingdom’. Every true Jew sincerely believes that this will surely come about without doubt – hopefully very soon – and this will be the true redemption of the Jewish People. This will take place only by the hand of the Holy One Blessed be He. Until such time we are duty bound to remain in Exile and to be loyal to the places in which we live.
  • According to the Torah it is forbidden to make an uprising and to throw off the yoke of Exile. It is also forbidden to confront and resist any nation, and we are forbidden under oath to the Holy One Blessed be He on this matter.
  • The Zionist uprising in which the Zionists rose up in Palestine, expelled the Palestinians with cruel theft and murder and established their State which they called ‘Israel’ transgressed G-d’s Faith and Torah in four ways :

    1. They denied the true redemption and replaced it with a different man made redemption which has no connection with the redemption in which the Jewish People believe and await and which is foretold in the Torah.

    2. They rebelled against the Exile and resisted the nations, particularly the Palestinians whom they ousted from their country, so transgressing the Oath to G-d.

    3. They have generally denied and thrown off completely G-d’s Faith and Torah and every aspect of subservience to the Heavenly Kingdom. They have cast off normal humanitarian behaviour. They have dragged huge numbers of people away from their religion by force, lies and plots. All with arrogance and mockery – with a pride, wickedness and murderousness, the likes of which are unheard of.

    4. They carried out theft and murder against the Palestinian People when they drove them from their land with cruelty and killing. 


    1. Therefore, the Zionists and their State have no connection with the Jewish People – the name "Israel" has been usurped by them and falsified.
    2. Tens of thousands of Jews in the world who believe in G-d's Torah distance themselves from everything connected with Zionism and oppose it.
    3. The Zionists do not represent the Jewish People and have no right to speak in their name. They are nothing more than a band of robbers who oppress all who come under their power with murder and wickedness.
    4. The only place in the world nowadays where religion is suppressed is in "Israel".
    5. The only place in the world nowadays where it is impossible to observe the Torah as one would wish is in "Israel".
    6. The Zionist cruelty does not let up. Sometimes in one way and sometimes in another way. Sometimes against the Palestinians or other nations and sometimes against the Jews.
    7. Zionism was intended to be a salvation for the Jews. However, Jews live in peace in the whole world, the only place in the world where trouble and suffering does not cease is there. Everyday a new form of suffering
    8. Everyday a new form of religious suppression. The wicked ones spread themselves out like the sea and peace eludes us. We cry out to the Holy One Blessed be He '‘How long will the wicked ones rejoice! How long will your power be in captivity and your glory in the hands of the enemy!'.
    9. Tens of thousands of Jewish People in the world raise their eyes in longing, 'When will we be free of this tragedy of Zionism and its State?'
    10. We hope and pray to the Holy One Blessed be He for the peaceful dissolution of the Zionist State and nothing of it or of its ideas should remain.
    11. We hope for the revelation of the glory of G-d speedily in our days. Omein.


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