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Opening remarks by rabbi y d weiss
tehran conference , december 2006

Remarks by Rabbi Yisroel D. Weiss At the Opening session of the Conference: The Holocaust, Global Vision, December 11 & 12 2006, after the speech delivered by the Foreign Minister.

With God’s help, my name is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss from Neturei Karta, Jews United against Zionism. First we would like to thank you for this great opportunity, His Excellency President Ahmadinejad, His Excellency the Foreign Minister, and the whole great Islamic Republic of Iran for giving us the opportunity to bring forth the view that has been hidden, unfortunately, for well over sixty years, close to a hundred years. And that is that the Jewish nation is the diametric opposite of Zionism and the State of “Israel”. It is very clear that the Jewish people who are true to the Torah always opposed the formation of a State of “Israel”. We were commanded by God not to create our own entity. We are in exile by God untill the ultimate redemption when all humanity will go up peacefully and serve the One God and recognize the One God.

The concept of creating a state was by a people who rebelled against God and wanted to transform Judaism from a spirituality, from a religion, into a nationality, a political goal, done by people who were estranged from the Torah: Theodore Herzl and his cohorts. We are confident that at this conference it will become very clear, as we had the great pleasure and honor of speaking with President Ahmadinejad about, when he was in New York (we spoke for around an hour), it is clear that just as my grandparents were killed in Auschwitz, they where from Hungary, there were millions of Jews from Poland, from all over Europe who were killed; That they were killed and nobody is absolving the Nazis for what they did to the Jews in no way whatsoever and we’re confident that nobody here wants to absolve anybody of their guilt of those crimes. And we are confident that the truth will come out from this conference: That the Zionists were involved in inciting, by boycotting Germany, and in doing many actions to thwart the efforts of the rescuing of Jews.

In 1943 the Britons wanted to take the Jews into their colonies, it is clear the Parliament wanted to pass such a law, but the Zionists went and they said “only to Palestine” and at that time Britain did not want to bring so many people there and the whole plan was put aside. Rabbi Weissmandl [of blessed memory] of Hungary, made a deal with Eichmann (and it is written in all the documentations that will be shown) that the Germans wanted to sell the Jews to him and they would not have killed any Jews in Hungary and a third of the Jews in Slovakia that where still living. They were almost saved and the Zionists said “only through the bloodshed of Jews will we get the land”, because when the victors will divide the land after the war, then they will give us [the Zionists] the land in return for Jewish bloodshed, and that is what we want. They were sacrificing human beings on the altar of Zionism. Because they were the antithesis to Judaism, against God, human lives get sacrificed to reach their goal. This will become clear.

When this becomes clear we want to know why at the Nuremburg trials the Germans were taken and had to answer for their crimes but the Zionists were never questioned. All these documents are facts.

It is a fact that my grandparents and all of the millions of Jews died to sanctify God’s name and now they are being used to rebel against God. Because their blood that has been spilled is being dug up to build a state which we are forbidden to have, even if it were on an empty land, because we are in exile by God, and especially because it is in Palestinian, an inhabited land, where we were living together with the Muslims, the Palestinians, the Arabs for hundreds of years, where there was no religious conflict. We were living in peace. They took the land and they are using it by claiming “anti-Semitism” and “because God gave it to us” and “because the Jews were killed in Europe”. As President Ahmadinejad said to us, “why are the Palestinians being punished?” as His Excellency [the Foreign Minister], mentioned.

So now Jewish blood has been used to rebel against God. The irony is, that they sanctified their lives to God and now their being used to rebel against God, their blood is being used to have a forceful occupation of Palestine. The Jewish community, as stated in the documentation of the United Nations, the head of the Jewish community, Rabbi Dushinsky of blessed memory, in 1947 demanded, he pleaded with the United Nations, he said, “I am the head of the Jewish community. Do not give us a Jewish state because it is against our religion. We don’t want it”. This was all ignored and the creation of the state happened, unfortunately.

Now, that this has been stated, because you have given us the opportunity to bring up the truth of the holocaust, maybe at the end of the conference we can somehow make an international court that will free the Palestinian people, and that the Jewish people should be freed of this unjust and illegitimate state. Not two states. But the illegitimate occupation of the entire Palestine, with the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews that were subjugated and put under an illegitimate government with the excuse of the holocaust, should be ended. We’ve got to show that they [the Zionists] collaborated; they were the only ones that gained from the Holocaust until today.

Let us make an international court that should be able to come afterwards and approach the United Nations. They should not say to Iran, who are you, but an International Court. Look what they have done. The Jewish community never wanted it. It was the European Zionists who insisted, who became the de-facto representatives of Jews. They wanted a state. Not the Jewish community. Bring up a true court to bring up to the United Nations, that this is not a true state. The creation of the state was illegal, it was flawed and wrong. It is political. And let us all work and pray to God, that there should be a speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the entire state of “Israel”. Before we had the state of “Israel”, we were living in the Arab lands and Muslim lands for hundreds of years, in peace. We can do that once again with God’s help.

Thank You.

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