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Viva Palestina Aid Convoy from USA to Gaza
July 2009


Statement Prepared by Rabbi Dovid Feldman of Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism delivered in New York City prior to the departure of the Representatives of Neturei Karta to join the Aid Convoy.

(The rabbi and his colleagues are going to participate in the convoy, and have taken part in the expenses with a contribution of close to $40,000.)

Neturei Karta International, an organization of Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism, is proud to be among those organizations participating bodily and monetarily in the Viva Palestina convoy of aid to the suffering people of Gaza. I am thankful to Viva Palestina in general, its organizers and in particular to the honorable Mr. George Galloway for enabling us to make this long-held dream a reality.

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews know that the recent Zionist military operation in Gaza is only the latest link in the long chain of bloodshed that has been going on for as long as the Zionist state, built on a land stolen from its rightful inhabitants, has been in existence. This pains us as Jews in particular because the Zionists carry out all their actions in our name, and in the name of Judaism and the holy Torah. But this association between Zionism and Judaism could not be farther from the truth. The entire concept of Jews having an independent state is forbidden by the Torah. Jews are not allowed to wage wars against other nations, but instead must live in exile as loyal citizens of their countries.

Furthermore, the Zionists have deprived an entire people of its land and freedom, and a true Jew cannot look on idly while such crimes take place. The Torah commands us "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not murder." Nor can a Jew ignore the plight of the victims of those crimes. The Torah teaches us to emulate G-d's attribute of "mercy upon all His creations" (Psalms 145:9), and this means mercy for all human beings, without regard to race or color.

We know that our humble contribution is small relative to the tremendous needs of the besieged Gazan people, but we hope it will do something to alleviate their suffering, as well as help raise public attention to the problem. We look forward to the total and peaceful dismantlement of the Zionist state, for only then can the bloodshed in the Middle East come to an end, and Jews and Palestinians will coexist peacefully as they did in times past.

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