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Over 10,000 demonstrate against 'israel'
new york city
April 28, 2005

Over 10,000 Orthodox Jews protesting the existence of the state of Israel, and the recent beating of Orthodox Jews who protested in Israel against the uprooting of Jewish cemeteries of antiquity which was done in order to enable the construction of a highway #6, near Haifa, Israel – protest in front of the Israeli consulate New York City, Thursday, April 28, 2005

Questions and Answers Explaining the Reason for this Protest

Photos from the Demonstration near Kibbutz Regavim which erupted in violence against the protesters

  • View Photos of Montreal demonstration
  • Israeli Police attacked a Synagogue on Joel Street in Jerusalem resulting in a riot in response to the violence during the protest at the Kibbutz Regavim. The synagogue was destroyed and there were a number of injuries. We hope to have photos and short video clips in a few days.

Download High Resolution Version of Photos Displayed Above.

Permission is granted to publish these photos providing credit is referenced to this website at www.nkusa.org.

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Interview with Rabbi Y. Weiss

Rabbi Yisroel Weiss was interviewed during the demonstration and explains the reason for the protest.

View Interview Video

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