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Stop the War in Palestine Rally

July 11, 2014 - Montreal

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Protest for Palestine July 12th, 2014, in Montreal, Canada.

Speech by Rabbi Feldman of Neturei Karta International.

Asaloom Alakoom

We have come here today, in the name of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews of Canada, to join this protest to condemn the current crimes and brutality committed by the State of Israel against the people of Palestine.

These current crimes did not begin just now. The barbaric burning of the 16-year-old Mohamed Abu-Khdeir, Is not the first Zionist act of terror, and the torture of the young American citizen, Tarek Abu-Khdeir, is not the first official act of police brutality against innocent children.

The entire occupation in Palestine is a crime which has been going on already for over six decades, and it has resulted in countless, continuous crimes and tragedies, including crimes against innocent women and children.

We declare that these acts of terror, committed by the State of Israel against the people of Palestine, are not supported by all Jews, neither does the State of Israel represent all Jews.

The Jewish religion never supported the philosophy of Zionism; indeed, Zionism and Judaism are extreme opposites. Judaism is a religion, the service of the Almighty and the practice of the commandments of the Torah. Zionism is nationalism, a political movement void of godliness and holiness.

According to Jewish belief, ever since the destruction of the Second Temple, the Jewish people were sent into exile by Divine decree and were forbidden to create a State of their own, even without oppressing any other people. Thus the Zionists would have been forbidden to establish a state anywhere in the world, even on an empty piece of land. But now that they have taken Palestine for their state, which involved oppressing an entire people and committing many crimes, they have violated many laws of the Jewish religion, which totally forbids killing and stealing. For the past two thousand years Jews have lived as loyal citizen in their host countries, without any political goals or aspiration to rule over others.

For the past centuries, Jewish people have lived in Muslim countries in peace. One beautiful example is Palestine, where Jews lived without any political nationalism. They were loyal citizens amongst the non-Jewish majority and were respected and protected by their neighbors.

When was this changed and why was this changed? When the political Zionist movement first came up to Palestine, with the goal of obtaining power over the indigenous Arab population. It is at that time that this decades-long conflict began.

The State of Israel is a violation of Jewish law, it is a violation of international law and it is a catastrophe and a source of bloodshed, not only for the Palestinians but also for the Jewish people.

We blame the movement of Zionism for the painful bloodshed that we are currently experiencing on all sides.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families mourning their beloved ones who were unfortunately recently killed, and we offer our prayers to the wounded of this conflict from now and from the past. May they have a speedy recovery.

Our hearts are rent when we see the suffering of so many people; it brings tears to our eyes to see that this can happen in our day and age.

It is because we are humans that we stand up and condemn thesecruel acts against human beings. It is because we are Jews that we condemn murder and cruelty, which is totally forbidden according to the Jewish religion. And it is because we are descedents of Jews who were tortured or murdered in the Holocaust, that we are pained when crimes are being committed against other people.

We are ashamed that all of this is sadly being done, supposedly, in our name.

We pray for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the entire State of Israel, and that the political movement of Zionism should come to an end, and we hope that the peace between Jews and Palestinians that once existed in the past should exist again in the future.

Finally, we pray for ultimate redemption, when the Almighty will reveal His glory throughout the universe, all mankind will recognize His kingdom and serve Him together in peace and harmony.



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