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American Jews Protest oppressive Israeli regime
New York City
May 23, 2013

On May 23, 2013, Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews in New York City gathered outside the Israeli Consulate to protest the Israeli draft.

American Jews to Demonstrate Against Israeli Draft

Press Release

May 23, 2013 – New York City

About one hundred Orthodox rabbis and their students will demonstrate TODAY Thursday May 23, 2013 in front of the Israeli Consulate at 800 Second Ave between 4:30 and 6:00. Wearing sackcloth as a sign of mourning, they will protest against the current effort of the Israeli government to force Orthodox Jews into the army.

"No country in the world oppresses the Jewish people as does the so-called "Jewish" State, the State of Israel," said Rabbi Joseph Gottlieb, a native of Jerusalem, who organized the protest in close consultation with Jerusalem's Chief Rabbi Tovia Weiss. "The laws of the Torah, upheld and observed by the Jewish people for over 3000 years, teaches us that Jews in the era of exile are forbidden to fight wars or have their own state.  For 65 years our families have gone hungry rather than accept even a penny from the State. We have suffered indescribably under their rule, yet persevered by insulating our communities and preserving our way of life. Now they want to take us away and force us to fight in their army. They want us to help them make enemies in the world and portray us as partners in their military campaigns.

"The draft has already begun. Dozens of men who refuse to serve have been beaten and tortured, placed in dark cells and starved for days at a time. Their hatred for us knows no bounds. Since the Nazis, no one has treated Jews the way this Zionist State has been treating us, now and in the past.

"Jews have lived in the Holy Land for centuries. Their non-Jewish neighbors always respected them and allowed them to live according to their beliefs. Then came the Zionist movement. The Zionists established a state in violation of Judaism, brought millions of Jews from around the world and educated them to be atheists. But they are not content until they force their rule upon the Jewish communities that predate them and upon the other Torah-true Jews. Orthodox Jews would prefer to live under a non-Jewish government in the Holy Land.

"The Zionist goal is clearly to oppress all who stand in their way, whether non-Jewish or Jewish. It should be clear to the world that they don't represent Jews or Judaism.

"The Orthodox Torah-true Jews of the Holy Land, with the help of the Almighty, will continue to go to jail and submit to whatever punishments the state can devise, but they will not succumb to this decree of forced conscription. And we, their brethren in America and throughout the world, support them all the way," concluded Rabbi Gottlieb.


Following in a speech by Rabbi Joseph Gottlieb on May 23, 2013, in front on the Israeli consulate in New York City


We have come together here to fulfill the verse, "And he went out into the middle of the city and he cried out a great and bitter outcry." (Esther 4:1).

The Zionists, may their name be obliterated, already for more than 100 years, have made plans to take away the Jewish people's faith. That is what they strive for, that is what they have been busy with day and night, for more than 100 years.

Especially when they established the state, they brought up Jews from the entire world, using all sorts of trickery, with or without their consent, and they made them transgress their principles, and G-d's principles.

Then they founded a government and declared war on the nations of the world, they violated the Three Oaths and killed countless people. may G-d spare us.

But all this was not enough for them. They see that believing Jews are still left And they can't live with it.

They founded a state that fought wars against the nations of the world, especially against the Arabs.

How many Jews have they unfortunately made irreligious? They took simple observant Jews and forced them into their army and took away their religion. Whether these Jewish victims were old or young, it made no difference.

Now they can't stand the fact that religious Jews still remain. They declared war against them And oppressed the religious Jews, With the worst kind of cruelty. They pull people out of their houses. Their newspapers print virulent diatribes against the religious. This goes on 24 hours a day on television and in the newspapers in their state and on the radio. The worst kind of hate speech against the Torah, against the Jewish faith.

The chief rabbi of Jerusalem said recently, that there is no place in the world where Jews are oppressed, as they are oppressed in the Holy Land.

They feel like they can do anything they want. There are some rabbis who have unfortunately sold their souls to Satan. The Zionists have rabbis of their own, traitors with beards. They are traitors, but they called themselves great rabbis of the Jewish people.

These rabbis have violent henchmen And they give their approval to the Zionists, they give power to the wicked.

"Until when will the wicked, O G-d, until when will the wicked exult?" (Psalms 94:3)


Thanks to these people, they have the power to lead Jews away from Judaism, millions and millions of souls.

But now, the main reason we have come here, is to defend the religious Jews who are left. Currently, they want to pass a law, that all religious Jews must go to the army, must worship their idol, must have a share in their denial of Judaism and their violation of the Three Oaths, may G-d spare us.


They want to defile them to their foundations, tear out their faith, tear out their holiness, may G-d spare us. They want to tear out the remaining good Jews from Jerusalem.

Our goal here is to tell the world, that the Zionists have fulfilled

the prophet's words to Ahab, "Have you murdered and also inherited your victim?"

You murder, you persecute and then you come to the countries of the world and pretend to be a nice relative of the Jews there.

The heretics, the Zionists, use the tragedies that took place in Auschwitz, to come and collect charity in America, they tell the entire world, that they are the caretakers of the Jewish people, that they are the redeemers of the Jewish people, may G-d spare us.

We have to make known to the world, that it's the exact opposite.

There is no place in the world, where Jews are persecuted, where Jews are beaten, ehere Jews are downtrodden and tortured, spiritually and physically, as in the Holy Land, in G-d's Palace, right now in 2013.

Help!!! Help!!!

We have come here to cry out In the middle of the street, In the square of the city, In front of the whole world, for all people in the world to hear, and more importantly, we cry out to the Creator of the world: "See what a terrible situation we have reached!" May G-d help us.

We have come out to the streets, to show the world that we are wearing yellow Stars of David, we are wearing sackcloth, to show that we are oppressed like in the Nazi ghettos And even worse than in the ghettos. The Zionists really put us in the ghettos, because they provoked the Germans. They played a role in the crime, they were the provocateurs and now they want to do the same thing.

They want to tear away our faith, and besides, they want us in the army, so that they can show the whole world that religious Jews fight against the nations of the world, that religious Jews fight against the Arabs. they are making the Jewish people into murderers. Because of that, Jews are in danger all over the world.

They show pictures on television, of Jews wearing religious garb, may G-d spare us, holding rifles and driving tanks, and with this, they put a religious garb on their wickedness, on their idolatry, May G-d spare us.

The only thing we can do is cry out to the Master of the Universe!

that He should act for the sake of His honor. And if we will try to do whatever we can, G-d will do what He can.

"Look down from your holy habitation, from Heaven!" Let it be known throughout the world, that we are captives and that our greatest enemy is: "Haman, the enemy, this wicked Haman."

They keep saying in the newspapers, that the Arabs are their enemies, this one or that one is their enemy. But actually they have made them into enemies.

They have schools in which they educate 1,200,000 children every year, to be enemies of the Almighty! And now, unfortunately, they have set their sights on dozens of religious schools, Sephardic, Lithuanian and Chassidic, where they plan to introduce heresy into their curriculum, may G-d spare us.

This is a time of terrible danger. The situation couldn't be worse.

May G-d help that we should see the fulfillment of our prayers: "All wickedness shall vanish like smoke, when You remove the evil government from the earth."

And may we see the coming of the messiah, soon in our days, Amen. 

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