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Al Quds Day Demonstration
3 September 2010
Chicago, IL

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Chicago 3 September 2010

Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrated in solidarity with the Palestinians on Al Quds Day.

Similar demonstrations took place in:

Rabbi Yoel Loeb spoke in Chicago, on the occasion of the International Al-Quds Day on September 3, 2010

Asalam Aleikum!

With God's help we came here today to show our sympathy in the name of the anti-Zionist Jewish communities of New York, Canada and around the world. Rabbis from our community have given speeches today in Berlin, London, Toronto, Washington DC, Dallas TX and here in Chicago to show our sympathy for the Palestinian people on the occasion of Al Quds Day, the day set aside to mourn the occupation of Jerusalem, Al Quds.

We have come here to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people who mourn today, the International Al Quds day, which is the day to remember Jerusalem, to remember Quds. But the issue is not only Jerusalem. The whole occupation of Palestine is illegitimate and it's a rebellion against God.

The biggest lie in the world today is the lie told by the Zionists when they use the name of the Jewish people. They hijack our name and they say that they are the Jewish nation. This is false. And we have to say very clearly, "Zionism is not Judaism". Judaism is a religion believing in God. Zionism is a new movement created about one hundred years ago by heretics who don't believe in God and, as a matter of fact, don't believe in anything.

Those fake Zionist Rabbis who sent terrible messages of hate in their speeches - they are not real Jewish people. The authentic Jewish people have been fighting a battle ever since Zionism's founding day, to show the world that the Zionists are not the representatives of Judaism. We condemn the recent hate messages of Rabbi Ovadya Yosef . This "rabbi" represents evil. He represents Satan. He does not represent the Jewish nation.

Zionists try to put on a kosher appearance, so they use these so-called rabbis who look like Jewish people, to confuse the world. But we ask everybody to do us a favor and tell your friends the truth: that Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism; they are extreme opposites.

True Jewish people believe in what the Jewish Holy Torah says: that ever since the destruction of the Holy Temple two thousand years ago, Jews were commanded to live in exile. God Himself sent us in exile and He warned us not to rebel against any nation, including the Palestinians.

Furthermore, according to the Torah, it is a terrible sin for a Jew to go up to the Temple Mount.

We pray to God constantly for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of this Zionist regime, not only of Jerusalem, but of the whole state of "Israel". The Holy Land must be under Palestinian sovereignty.

The Zionists have brainwashed many Jews to believe that the Arabs are our enemies. But that is false! We have lived in peace and harmony with our Arab neighbors for centuries. The Arab world gave us a home at the time of the Spanish Inquisition. Throughout history, when we were persecuted in many places, where did we find a home? In the Arab lands. So when the Zionist come and say the Arabs are our enemies, that is false. It is the Zionists who are the biggest enemies of the Jewish people.

Unfortunately, at this time the Zionists with their propaganda machine still have the power to silence the voice of the true Jewish people, to silence the voice of all opposition to Zionism. But we hope to God that the day will come when the whole world will see the truth: that Zionism is not a legitimate movement, and that they are not the representatives of the Jewish nation.

All authentic Rabbis were against Zionism ever since its creation a hundred years ago. I will tell you a short story. One of the great sages of that time was Rabbi Simcha Yissocher Ber Halberstam from Chechenov. When he was sick and one of his followers came to wish him a speedy recovery, he said, "No, I don't want to live in a world with the Zionists. I want to live in the world to come." And with that, he passed away. This story gives you a picture of how strongly opposed the Rabbis were to Zionism.

Aside from the fact that the Torah is fundamentally opposed to Zionism, there are other reasons why true Jews fight Zionism. Zionists never showed any concern for human life; their political goals are more important to them than saving lives. During the Holocaust, when it became possible to save thousands of Jews by bribing the Nazis, the Zionists refused, because they knew that the Holocaust would help them get their state after the war. Their slogan was, "Only with the blood of Jewish people can we build a state."

The Zionists also brainwashed hundreds of thousands of Jewish people to abandon Judaism. They want to uproot the entire Holy Torah. They are the biggest enemies of God. Look what they are doing to the Jewish people right here, today. They are brainwashing Jews to come here and demonstrate against the Arab people, when in fact there is no conflict between Arabs and Jews. The only conflict is over a political movement, Zionism, which was unfortunately established.

With God's help we will see the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of this so-called state of "Israel". Then we will all live together in peace, as we did before the creation of Zionism.

And may we all see in the near future the revelation of God's glory, when all humanity will serve God together, in peace and harmony.

So I plead with you all, in the name of myself and in the name of authentic Jewish people, the real true Torah Jews, worldwide: Spread the message that:
Judaism = Yes; Zionism=No! The State of Israel must Go!—Free free Palestine!

Asalam Aleikum.


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