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SAve The Ancient Cemetery of Jaffa!
July 1, 2010
New York City

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New York City, 1 July 2010

Masses of Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews, march on the streets of New York City, in protest against the destruction of ancient Jewish graves.

Save The Ancient Cemetery of Jaffa!
Date: TODAY - Thursday,  July 1, 2010
Time: 4:30 pm
Place: 390 Park Avenue, NYC, outside the offices of RFR Holding LLC

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews organized by Neturei Karta International will be demonstrating today outside the offices of RFR Holding LLC, 390 Park Avenue, corner 54th St, in New York City.

We come to raise our voices in protest against the destruction of an ancient Jewish historic site. It is a cemetery in which Jewish sages from the time of the Talmud lie buried. For two thousand years they lay undisturbed, awaiting the coming of the messiah and the resurrection of the dead - until just last week.

Then RFR Holding LLC decided to build a 60 million-dollar hotel, with an underground parking lot on the site of the cemetery. Thinking only of their profits, they didn't let the cemetery stand in their way. They turned down alternative building plans in which the cemetery could have been left in its place and treated respectfully. They called in archaeologists, who unceremoniously removed some of the bones with tractors. Today, July 1, they began to flatten the entire area in preparation for drilling deep holes for the pillars of the building. More and more bones are being desecrated as we write these words.

Where is this travesty taking place? Not in our own great country, the United States of America, which provides freedom and respect for all religions. Not in a European country, and not in a Muslim country. No, it is taking place in "Israel", the so-called Jewish state.  The cemetery is in the ancient city of Jaffa. Respected and protected for hundreds of years under Muslim empires, it has now fallen in the hands of the Zionists, to whom Jewish tradition means nothing. It is they who permit and even encourage such construction.
Faithful Torah Jews living under the oppressive Zionist regime have courageously come out numerous times to the site to protest against the construction. The Israeli police have met them with murderous beatings, tear gas and pepper spray.  Dozens of Jews have been wounded and taken to hospitals for treatment. But they will continue to come, as long as there is still hope to save the ancient cemetery.

Anti-Zionist Jews around the world have taken up the cause as well. Over the past two weeks, demonstrations have taken place in major cities like: New York, New York City, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and London.

The world must know that the Zionist regime commits crimes not only against the Palestinian Arabs, but also against religious Jews who do not agree with its goals. Not only do we condemn their cruel acts against the Arabs and the Jews, and the other crimes that they commit against the Jewish religion; we are strongly opposed to the entire existence of their state, which is completely against the Torah. According to Jewish belief, Jews were placed in exile by G-d, and are forbidden to found their own country by physical means.
The ongoing Zionist disregard for all of the Torah is just another proof that they do not represent religious Jews, and certainly not the Jewish religion.

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