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Protest Against the Demolition of Homes
Beis Chanina, Palestine
Nov 2007

Beis Chanina, near Jerusalem, Palestine - November 2007

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews joined Palestinian protestors demonstrating against the Zionist demolition of homes in the town of Beis Chanina, near Jerusalem.

Rabbi Hirsch, representative of Neturei Karta in Jerusalem, Palestine spoke at the rally.

Speech by Rabbi Hirsch

In the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate.

We congratulate all participants in the protest march against the Zionist’s brutal oppression of our Palestinian brethren in Palestine. We, the Jews come together today to feel their pain, to grieve their grief, and to shout their outcry, the outcry of the distinguished Palestinian people — the ancient and genuine inhabitants of "Palestine"!

The Holy Torah, that is the guideline of faithful Jewry, teaches us means of compassion and mercifulness, of fairness and peace — obligates us now to come out to the streets of El-Quds [Jerusalem] to cry out our grievances against the oppression of our Muslim brethren, the Palestinian people, for 60 years incessantly, by the atrocious Zionists, especially the brutality of demolition of residential houses, especially the current affair of the Abu-Eisha family from the village of Beith-Chanina, that between day and night, many innocent families, old and young, infants and their mothers, found themselves without a roof over their head.

Unfortunately, demolition of the houses is not a separate issue, but is the outcome of the continuous stranglehold, a long chain of occupation and oppression, bloodshed and despoliation of the Palestinian people, the ancient genuine inhabitants of the Holy Land, by the hands of the atrocious Zionists.

To our grief, unfortunately, we are eye-witnessing the non-stop vicious cycle of bloodshed in the Middle East. We all grieve and cry out for the past and fear very much the future, Allah, have mercy!

Our brethren and friends the "Palestinian People", the inhabitants of the land, also the millions of exiled Palestinians abroad, rest assured, we are with you "fellow-sufferers" — all the way. We, the authentic Jewry, who follow the footsteps of our common "Patriarch Abraham", we are in the "same boat", captive under the infidel Zionist regime. We declare herein that Zionists are NOT Jews, and they have NO right to rule over the Holy Land. We pray daily to Almighty, that He dismantle the Zionist reign in the Holy Land and for the abolition of the Zionist idea, that is the absolute opposite of the fundamentals of our own Holy Torah.

We believe that the final and just solution to stop the vicious cycle of bloodshed and to establish repose and peace for the Muslims and Jews alike, can be achieved only be returning to "One Palestine" rule to all inhabitants, that its capital will be "El Quds" like we coexisted, Jews and Arabs, till the Zionist occupation — in peace and security for centuries under Muslim rule.

We vigorously urge the leaders of U.S.A. and E.U. and international human rights organizations, to act immediately with all means at their disposal, to return the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, the ancient inhabitants of Palestine, and endeavor in dismantlement of the Zionist occupation — without bloodshed — of the land, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea!

We pray to the Creator to bestow peace and brotherhood, mercy, justice, and fairness upon all human beings, to worship Him, shoulder to shoulder, Inshallah!!

Rabbi Hirsch can be contacted at +972-(0)52-238-1315 or email: [email protected]

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