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Anti-Zionist Protest
Washington, DC
August 12, 2006

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews joined a protest in Washington, DC demonstrating against the attacks in Lebanon and Gaza.

Neturei Karta Statement Issued for this Event:

With the help of the Almighty.
Asalam aleicum.

People ask, "What is the Jewish response to the terrible events of recent weeks?"

The Jewish response is that as the Almighty is a just and merciful G-d, so too must we strive to be just and merciful. We stand aghast, not only at the unfathomable destruction and death of the present, but at all the terrible results of the tragic error which the state of Israel represents and has always represented.

Israel was created by Jews ignorant of and estranged from the Torah, in the illusory hope that it would end Jewish suffering. But it has, in fact, only caused endless suffering for Jews, for Muslims, for Christians, for people of all faiths and nationalities. Kindness cannot be created from cruelty. Justice cannot issue from injustice.

Torah Jews knew that the terrible results we daily witness were inevitable. We are a people in exile by Divine Decree. The Torah commands us to be loyal citizens in the countries of our residence, whether in the United State, Canada or Lebanon. We are forbidden to exercise political power. We have been taught that defiance of these decrees will unleash much pain into the world. The only solution is to return to the ways of authentic Judaism, before it was transformed by Zionism into a something cruel and materialistic, something alien to everything holy, just and kind.

The only real and lasting solution is the immediate peaceful dismantling of the Israeli state and the return of political sovereignty to the Palestinian people. This alone is in keeping with age old Jewish teachings. This alone is fair and just.

While awaiting this ultimate solution we demand, in the short run, for an end to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and Gaza and all interim measures that might in some way alleviate the suffering of the peoples of that tormented area.

Friends, the Talmud tells us that we must emulate the Creator's mercy and justice. Let us go forth from this gathering and do deeds of kindness for men of all nations. Let us deal justly with each other. Let us speak of justice and pursue justice. Let us speak of kindness and pursue kindness.

And by so doing may we all merit the end of all exiles and all sufferings when the Almighty will redeem all peoples to worship Him together in joy for all eternity. Amen.

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