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WORDS OF Theodor Hertzel (the father of zionism) and Other Zionist Leaders

Theodor Herzl
Theodor Hertzl

The term "Zionism" was first introduced in 1893 by Nathan Birmbaum, but Theodor Hertzel, an Austrian Jew born to a prosperous, emancipated Budapest family, is recognized as the founder of the Zionist idealogy when he published his book in 1896, "The Jewish State", where he declared that the cure for anti-semitism was the establishment of a Jewish state. As he saw it, the best place to establish this state was in Palestine.

While Hertzel claimed that the establishment of a "Jewish" state would cure anti-Semitism, he also promoted anti-Semitism to further his cause.

Quotes from Hertzel and other Zionists demonstrate their philosophy and the lengths to which they are willing to go to accomplish their goals:

  1. In the diary of Hertzel, page 14, he writes a way to solve the problem of anti-Semitism was to speak to the head priest of Vienna to get an appointment with the Pope, to make a mass conversion of all the Jews of Austria to Catholicism. He continues: "It should be done on a Sunday, in the middle of the day, with music, and pride, publicly. We are the last generation that held on to the faith of our for-fathers. The conversion would be in St. Stephen's Cathedral." (How could you honor a Jew that wanted to abolish Judaism?)
  2. In the bi-weekly diary, "Temurah", no.2, pg. 12-13, "I didn't circumsize my son Hans, and this will bring the Geula closer."
  3. Ibid. "Simple goyim are better than Rabbis, and the highest are the goyish priests."
  4. In his article "Deutche Tsytung newspaper" Hertzel writes: "The Jews make countries fight each other and when they want, make peace. But whatever happens, they get rich from this." (Hitler said this also).
  5. Diary, page 16: "Antisemitism helps to build this kind of jew, Education that will bring to assimilation."
  6. Diary, page 68: "An idea rose on my heart to bring on anti-Semitism and to obliterate Jewish wealth.
  7. In the book "Hertzel", this is a quote: "I bless every jew that converts to Christianity and my son, the sooner the better, to save him from anti-Semitism.
  8. After the Dreyfus affair, Hertzel saw the engraned jew hatred and that the goyim would not accept the jews with open arms, then he came up with Zionism, after being convinced by the British goyim on the land of Israel. He himself originally wanted other lands, one of them being Argentina.
  9. In his book, "Altnoyland", "its understood that I have to remember (or mention) to discard negative Jewish things, like the Yiddish language and observing mitzvos."
  10. Doctor Amnun Raz Kavkotzikin -- historian at the University of Ben Gurion says: "The country of Hertzel is a western European anti-eastern (Sephardic) and anti-religious."
  11. Chaim Chassas, in the newspaper of the Zionist's, Ha'Arutz, 1943, "Zionism and Judaismm is not one thing but two different things. And of course two contradicting one another. Zionism starts at the place where Judaism is destroyed...one thing is certain, Zionism is not a continuation or healing of wounded Judaism, but rather an uprooting."
  12. Doctor Tom Shagav, historian and newspaper writer, "Zionism saw itself as competition as to religion, to define a jew without torah. A Zionist could be a jew without any faith, even a Kofer."
  13. Doctor Faul Shaul Landau, the personal secretary of Hertzel, saw to it that all of Hertzel's writings were published against the will of the other Zionists who feared the open anti-Semitic element of his writings.
  14. Zev Japotinsky in his article "Outside the camp", in the newspaper "Chadashot HaAretz" 22/10/1919: "In the national home we will announce that those Jews who have on themselves the rust of Gulles, and deny to shave off their beards and payos will be 2nd class citizens and will not have the right to vote."
  15. Ben Gurion, in his book "Yehudi ve' od", "The disapora is ending and everyone is coming, this still does not make a nation but a mixed multitude and dust of man, without a language and education, without roots. To change dust of man to a cultured nation is not an easy job."
  16. Ben Gurion: "If I could save all the children of Germany by bringing them to England and only half to Israel, I would choose the second."
  17. Yoel Bronde/Eichman offered him a deal to save a million jews for money and the Sochnute decided not to, and they were murdered.
  18. Wusshishkin, head of the Jewish National Fund in the 1920's (there is a street named after him in Jerusalem), "What's the difference between Jews getting killed in the diaspora and the land of israel? They [of the disapora] are sacrifices of a dying nation. There was no purpose in their death, just like there was no purpose in their life. Not so with the sacrifices in our land, we look at them with pride."
  19. Yitzchak Greenbaum, Zionist responsible for saving Jews in World War Two, and later Minister of the Interior under Ben Gurion, "Concerning using communal money to save the Jews, no and no and no. Zionism comes first."
  20. Chaim Wiessman, first president "I want to save two million youth, the elders will be lost and await for what's coming to them. They are economic dust in a cruel world. Just a branch of the youth will remain, the old ones have to work with this, and make peace with it.
  21. Holphany Heartglass, who later became the minister of interior under Ben Gurion writes in 1956 guidelines for the counselors, on how to deal with the Yemenites who came and were religious. "It's understood that our intention is to bring them to the realization that their faith in hashem is without sense, etc...and it does not have a right to exist." He writes further: "it's better to save 10,000 that can build a country, even though we can save a million, but it won't benefit the country. We have to let them go and not to save those who are not Zionists, we causes demoralizatoin and not to save the harmful element."
  22. A former Sachnut worker, Yigal ben dovid, witness and testifies: "a special agent from the Zionists in the land of Israel came to Europe to see that only their people were saved. Selection, a few mizrachi and revisionsalists (from japotinsky) and no charadim at all." All this was taken from the disc "Hertzel and the Zionists" From Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak.
  23. On the tape "why do they hate charadim?" he brings from Hertzel's diary "The Rabbi should be locked up in the Synagogues, the country has its own culture."
  24. Twelve times Hertzel is in the sofe tevos of pesukim, but always backwards. And all the pesukim talk about the land of Israel, because Herzel backwards is "latzara". Only once is his name written straight, in the sofe tevos, in the book of shmuel, "it wasn't good", the advice which achitovel advised.
  25. 1996, newspaper "Mahariv", written by Amir Ben Dovid, "Hertzel visited the prostitution houses of Vienna and desired young girls. He also had a December tree at his home."
  26. Uri Avnari, present Israeli journalist, went through all the writings of Hertzel, and he brings down that Hertzel endorsed "mass intermarriage", was against democracy, but rather a republic, where a prince is elected for life, and he appoints the government. (Of course, Hertzel himself wanted to be the ruler). Would rather not to have been born Jewish, but to an old Prussian family.
  27. Hertzel was not a good father, did not have a close relationship with his children, or anyone, except his mother (his son Hanz committed suicide). His daughter Polina died from drugs in those years. His daughter, Trudy, went out of her mind. His only grandchild jumped off the Washington bridge, suicide. Nothing is left from Hertzel. His daughters were sent to learn by the Christians, Hertzel was haughty, filthy, hated himself and his Jewishness. This is all written by an American reporter by the name of Powell.
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