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Amer Jubran with Rabbi Yisroel Weiss of Neturei Karta, who with other Rabbis of the Neturei Karta attended Jubran's trial in Boston to demonstrate their support and plead his case.
Video Clip of Statement by Amer Jubran
November 2003

On November 6th, the trial of Mr. Amer Jubran took place in Boston. Mr Jubran felt the pain of the Palestinian people and decided to form an organization and an opposition to the movement which has been victimizing his people – Zionism - unabated for many decades.

Understandably, the Zionist community was quite upset with Amer Jubran, and viewed him as a threat to the continuation of their policies and goals. Immediately after Amer Jubran’s successful demonstration at a Zionist rally in celebration of the state of Israel, Amer Jubran found himself under constant surveillance and under suspicion of being a terrorist, which was truly unfounded. All Amer Jubran was guilty of was standing up for the rights of the Palestinian people. Unfortunately, the power of the Zionism movement is such that they were able to constantly hound Amer Jubran and to have him placed under suspicion of terrorism and subversion and anti-Americanism. All of these charges were proven to be completely unfounded and Jubran’s innocence was established, despite the intense scrutiny to which he had been subjected. He was never proven guilty of any subversive acts. Jubran’s only “crime” was that he stood up for the rights of the Palestinians and dared to oppose the legitimacy of the state of Israel.

Neturei Karta members went to his trial in Boston to show support for Amer Jubran and to plead his case so that it not be confused by the Zionist accusations and agenda. Jubran acted from the purity of his heart to stand up for truth and righteousness.

Unfortunately, after suffering through the pressures from all that transpired, Amer Jubran made the decision not to stay under constant surveillance and constant pressure by remaining in the United States. He feels that he could accomplish much more in the cause of righteousness if he were not under such constraint and intends to continue, God willing, his efforts in other parts of the world. The members of Neturei Karta, among other people of good will, are sorrowed by the loss of such an honest, well-meaning, good-hearted individual and activist amongst us, but we know that everything is from God’s hand. We are sure that he will accomplish much in good-will and helping people internationally and uniting the hearts of Jews and Arabs and Muslims, as he has been known to be outspoken in the international community. We give him our blessings that God be with him in his further efforts towards peace and harmony of Jews and Arabs, and the successful transformation of the Zionist state into a state under the rule of the indigenous Palestinian people, where Jews and Arabs can live in harmony again.

We must stress that Amer Jubran, despite what the Zionists accuse him of, is clearly not against the Jewish people. To the Zionists, anyone who speaks against their policies is an anti-Semite – but Amer Jubran bears no ill feelings towards the Jews of an anti-Zionist Judaism. On the contrary, he constantly expressed the knowledge that Judaism and Zionism are diametrically opposite, and that Jews and Arabs have lived together, and that we have the good will to live together peacefully once again. Jubran reiterates that he has nothing against the Jewish people, and in his Boston speeches he expresses the love he has for the Jewish people, and his firm belief that we can live together in the future. The only problem which is a true impediment to peace is Zionism and the state of Israel. His understanding of the issue at hand and his strong desire to work towards true peace makes his departure from the U.S. a great loss to our community. We wish Jubran much success in his good endeavors, wherever the path of truth leads him.

Amer Jubran with Rabbis of the Neturei Karta
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