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17 Nov 2016 , Chile   Neturei Karta Delegation in Chili 
02 Oct 2016 New York, NY USA   Protest to facilitate release of imprisoned anti-Zionist Jews 
27 Sep 2016 New York, NY USA   A message from Jewish Rabbi to candidates for presidency in the USA 
27 Oct 2016 New York, NY USA   Jews forbidden to step upon ground of al-Aqsa Mosque 
10 Nov 2016 New York, NY USA   Counter protest anti UNESCO rally 
26 Dec 2016 New York, NY USA   Statement in Reaction to U.N. Security Council Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements 
25 Dec 2016 Toronto, Ontario Canada   NKUSA Presence at RIS Convention 
30 Dec 2016 Washington, DC USA   Press Conference and Rally to Support UN Resolution